Open Workshops – What is that?

The idea is to create a space for learning, creating, building, repairing and exchanging experiences and knowledge on these topics. Since 2016 we are rebuilding the run-down sheds which were already on the land when we bought it. By now we created a woodworking workshop, a space for welding and working with metal and a workshop for building instruments, sewing and doing pottery. In the making right now are an organized storage room for materials and a paper/bookbinding. Since 2021 we run a mobile solidary juice street wich can be also transported to (socio-cultural) juice-making in the area – please contact us if you are interested.

We also joined a german network of open workshops, the “Verbund offener Werkstätten” to exchange and inspire and learn from one another.

In 2021 we started researching the combination of the possibilities of the open workshops with youth work – we’re developing and testing concepts for a sustainable youth work practice with help from the DROSOS Foundation, the Verbund offener Werkstätten and the Projektfabrik.

Another project we started in 2021 is the solidary juice street wich is all about self made juice from local (abandonned) fruit.

Similar concepts are known under the terms; makerspaces, FabLabs, kreativräume, coworking-spaces and repair Cafés. Especially in bigger cities the variety of open spaces as connection spots for participation in creativity and innovations is growing. In addition to these flourishing urban spaces we want to create an interactive space where urbanity and the rural life are meeting each other. Our vision is to create a network with neighbors, local and international same minded people to share ideas and experiences. 

We warmly invite everyone to come here and meet new people, new crafting methods and techniques, work and create together, and enjoy the company of creative minds. We invite you to join our repairCafés and workshops to help making this world a better place through the repair and recycle of old materials and things. Please sign up in advance if you want to come as a group for bigger projects and plans.

Next plans in and around our open Workshops?

Here you can find all that’s happening in and around our open workshops…