We are around 10-15 people (small & tall including helpers and guests), labouring and realising projects collectively since 2016 – north of Halle (Saale) – Germany. We are organised in the nonprofit organisation “GutAlaune e.V.” focusing on environmental protection and the promotion of art and culture.

Together we’re are working hard to create a a space for exchange and socio-ecological projects where people, animals and nature are treated with respect (read more…)  

We focus on the following aspects in our work:


And now welcome to our blog where you can find our latest ideas and plans… Also have a look at our calender to find out about the upcoming events.


The Game is On!!

The Game is On! : 31st May – 11th June 2021, Halle (Saale) Together with the social arts organisation Jonglirium we’re organising an Exchange and artistic research and training on the topic of physical games. Read more…

Open Workshops

Open Workshops – What is that? The idea is to create a space for learning, creating, building, repairing and exchanging experiences and knowledge on these topics. Since 2006 we are rebuilding the run-down sheds which Read more…

Gutalaune is creativ!

You can find Gutalaune e.V. from now on with other inspiring places in a list of creative places in the middle of Germany. Next to already existing places where exciting and forward-looking projects are being Read more…