We are around 10-15 people (small & tall including helpers and guests), labouring and realising projects collectively since 2016 – north of Halle (Saale) – Germany. We are organised in the nonprofit organisation “GutAlaune e.V.” focusing on environmental protection and the promotion of art and culture.

Together we’re are working hard to create a a space for exchange and socio-ecological projects where people, animals and nature are treated with respect (read more…)  

We focus on the following aspects in our work:


And now welcome to our blog where you can find our latest ideas and plans… Also have a look at our calender to find out about the upcoming events.


Open Workshops

Open Workshops – What is that? The idea is to create a space for learning, creating, building, repairing and exchanging experiences and knowledge on these topics. Since 2006 we are rebuilding the run-down sheds which Read more…

Gutalaune is creativ!

You can find Gutalaune e.V. from now on with other inspiring places in a list of creative places in the middle of Germany. Next to already existing places where exciting and forward-looking projects are being Read more…

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