We are digging and planting and trying and exchanging,  there is new energy in our community! In the middle of all our actions stands the idea of permaculture gardening to get back in connection with the nature. Therefore, we create resilient systems which can survive heat and dryness without much human care taking. And at the time are being used as habitats from threatened species. We are planning on creating a natural orchard where we also keep berry bushes as well as other edible plants and vegetables which supply us with berries and veggies all year long. Or, to speak in permaculture terms; a forest garden. 

There is already a growing group of people who come together from time to time to move the project forward. The communication within this group is happening through telegram. If you are interested in helping and joining talk to Kai within the group. (Telegram can be used as a messenger on your phone as well as on your computer).