The youth work collective JutAlaune, cooperating with the city of Halle, sets up a community garden Project in Halle Trotha! It is a open space (ca. 3000m² with beautiful trees) where there is a lot of space for dreams and ideas. Together with the peope that live nearby the area, we want to build up a beautiful space for gardening and cultural exchange. If you would like to join us, please join one of the garden days or the regular garden meeting (dates below)

(Cover photo: Aprikosengarten in Dresden)

Jupiterstr 16-19 across from the daycare, near to Edeka and the volunteer firefighters Trotha

First actions in the garden:
6. March 2023 4-6 pm Cleaning and collecting trash (Lets celebrate spring, discover the new areal of the community garden and remove the trash – everyone is welcome!)
2. April 2023 12-6 pm First open garden action (Working in the garden, having coffee or tea, exchange about Ideas about the community garden at 2 pm and 4 pm. There will be soup, bring cake, etc if you feel like :))
13. April 2023 4-6 pm First regular garden meetig (for everyone who is interested to be somehow part of the project )

Questions and Contact: